Bathroom Wallpaper Is An Affordable Way To Make A Big Change

Bathroom Wallpaper Is An Affordable Way To Make A Big Change
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There are many things you can do when you want to revamp your bathroom spaces. One of the most noticeable would be to get a new tub, sink, and toilet, but that is not always financially possible, or even needed. Otherwise, you can make a big change simply by changing the colors of the room. One way to do this is to add some new bathroom wallpaper. You could paper the entire room, just one wall, or you could go with wallpaper boarder if that is more along the lines of the look that you want.


Painting can change the look of a room, but some people don’t like to paint bathrooms for one very simple reason. In order to use paint that will not succumb to the moisture that is always present in the bathroom, they have to get high gloss paint. This type of paint is very shiny and reflects a lot of light. Most don’t like that look, especially if they are going for a relaxing feeling in the bathroom. Bathroom wallpaper will make a big change without having to have the glare of this type of paint.

When you want to paper this room or even the kitchen where the same problems with moisture can occur, you don’t want to get just any wallpaper. You want to get bathroom wallpaper that is made just for this type of environment. This paper should be more resistant to moisture and mildew, and should stay glued to the wall. Other types of wallpaper for the bathroom may have a good waterproof front, but they peel away from the wall after repeated exposure to steam and moisture. Get the right type of bathroom wallpaper or you are wasting your time and money.


As with any other room of the house, take your time when you are choosing and applying your bathroom wallpaper. If you already have wallpaper up, you should remove it completely and make sure the walls are clean and clear. You should choose a day with low humidity so that the glue on the bathroom wallpaper will adhere more quickly and much more securely. Also remember to check up on the edges once in a while, to be sure the wallpaper for the bathroom has indeed stayed put. Even the best kinds may start to come off the wall in some cases, especially where it is close to the shower and/or tub.

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